The kitchen/break room situation at my job is pretty bleak. There’s no place to sit and eat.  We have two of those mini fridges, except the freezer space on both has pretty much become a block of ice and one of the fridges is missing all of its shelves, so it’s more like one and 1/3 part refrigerator, 2/3 part frustration. It takes approximately three minutes for any hot water to come out of the faucet. And then, to make matters worse, our electric kettle disappeared and the coffee pot died in the same week.

Do any of these things create a terrible work environment? No. But still: annoying.

So when we finally received a new electric kettle, it felt like Christmas day. And since my Office Buddy and I look for any opportunity to plan a work party, we decided to have a party. A tea party! With little cakes and snackies!

And then we realized that our plans didn’t just fall on any Wednesday, it was a Leap Day. So, we couldn’t just have any regular old tea party. It had to be special.

It had to be a Mr T. Tea Party.


A fine use of office supplies. What?


Varied tea selection provided by my compulsive tea-buying habit.

Badassery provided by Mr. T.


Scones and Mr. T. Perfect combo.


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